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Why open a Caffa™ franchise outlet in India?

Ever since the inception of the first Caffa™; restaurant in Vishrambag (Sangli, Maharashtra) in October 2009, the brand has experienced a smooth journey. With globalization and high standard of living culture ever increasing in Indian cities Coffee shops in India are doing real good businesses. However, there is vast scope for new café franchise businesses in India.

And when it comes to starting a café franchise business in India, you can blindly rely upon Caffa™. Caffa™ ensures that, a coffee house does not look like a stable nature; and every outlet can come with different flavors and ambiances. Because of which, people love to visit. Moreover, the investments for Caffa Coffood House™ franchise in India and other requirements are also comparatively less demanding like other leading coffee chains of India.

Let us now talk about Caffa's start up costs, Area requirements, Application process and other necessary information about opening Caffa™ franchise coffee chain in India...

Caffa™ franchise investments, returns, area requirements

Officially, franchise investment costs, area requirements, profit or return on investments, payback period of capital etc. are not disclosed.

However, by analyzing the data of its peer or competitor brands, we can roughly say that an estimated cost of opening Caffa™ in India will be around Rs.15 Lakh to Rs.45 Lakh, depending upon your Location.

If you have a large commercial space (or a commercially convertible space) in a high or high-medium footfall area, you can go for renting a Caffa™. All you would need is 700 to 1000 sq ft ground floor space (retail space), a minimum frontage of 15 to 25 running feet, and sufficient parking space. If you meet these criteria, let's find out how to apply for Caffa™.

The total cost to start Caffa Coffood House™ franchise in India will exactly be given by the Company itself. However, one time non returnable pay of Rs.5,00,000 to Rs.10,00,000 which should be varrie on either it is kiosk outlet or master frenchise holder big outlet. The Royalty fees should be depended upon the same criteria which will be varrie 8% to 10% on gross sales.

The franchise agreement is done for 5 years and can be renewed after that.

Return of investment is around 35% to 60% and break even period is 10 to 18 months as the investment is of middle range, the break even period may vary from 12 to 24 months and may be reduced if proper marketing is done and the Expresso bar is at ideal place like a place where there are many Corporate offices, high street area, malls etc.

How to rent out your space to Caffa™?

You need the furnish the following details:
1. Who is the owner of your retail space, singly or jointly?
2. Full postal residential address and contact information (mobile number, email id) of the owner(s).
3. Area of retail space in square fee.
4. Frontage area of retail space.
5. What are the demographic features of the catchment area of the potential Caffa™ store.
6. A few photographs from various angles of your commercial space

For Franchise

Application process & franchise contract
The steps of get chain franchise license in India are nothing complicated. In order to get franchise license in India, you need to download Caffa Coffood House™ franchise application form as a Microsoft Word document, which can be easily availed from the official website. Duly fill in the franchise application form of Caffa™ coffee chain, save it in the hard drive of your computer, and email it back to the officials as an attachment. You will be contacted by Caffa™ authorities in due time. Also, please note that Authorities reserves unconditional right to accept or reject your application. For any queries, you can contact Caffa™ India (franchise queries, investment details, start up costs for Caffa Coffood House™ or other questions) at the following contact details provided below.

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